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Why You Need Music In Your Marketing


We all love music, right?thinker-200

It’s a passion

People have told me COUNTLESS times “ You know, I just couldn’t live without music”

…Now, that’s a pretty bold and emphatic statement…

because, it says everything about the powerful hold music has on us all.

Now, what if I was to show you, how, as an online business owner and video marketer, YOU can harness that power [Read more…]

How to Make Video Soundtracks Like Apple


Now I’m not ashamed to admit, that I’m a bit of an Apple anorak

(…only a bit…mind)equalizer-ball

And as a composer, musician and producer I’ve been using Apple products in one way or another for the past 25 years, so maybe I’m a little biased

…but one thing that always intrigued me was [Read more…]

How to Brand Your Business With Music


In any business, customer loyalty is everything…and a returning customer is GOLDEN.

Waiting in Line

Returning Customers


Because returning customers reputedly spend nearly 33% more than new customers.

So this begs the question

‘How Exactly Do You Get More of Them Into Your Business?’

Well, believe it or not, the key to this lies in your customer’s perception and memory, and there’s a way that you can access it – in true ninja-stylee simple-ninja with [Read more…]